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GDPR and Privacy Policy
“Part-time” Employment under HK Law.
When is an individual likely to be self-employed under UK law?
Why is it important to know if an individual is employed or self-employed under UK law.
Which types of employees are not covered by the Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong?
What is continuous contract in Hong Kong?
How to terminate an employee during probationary period in Hong Kong?
Can the name of the company be changed after incorporation of the company in Hong Kong?
Is there a stamp duty for allotment or transfer of shares for a Hong Kong company?
What are the different types of business entities in Hong Kong?
What documents does Zegal have in relation to borrowing?
What language can a company name be registered in Hong Kong?
How to start hiring employees in Singapore?
What is the difference between an LLP and a general partnership?
What is an LLP form of business in Singapore.
Employee stock option program (ESOP) — When and How to go about it?
CPF Question (Singapore): I have a new employee, he just got his PR less than 2 years. How to calculate the same.
What is a Shareholder’s Agreement?
Is a Shareholder’s Agreement different from the Company’s constitution?
Can I use the same name for a business and a company in Singapore?
Can I convert my sole-proprietorship to a company in Singapore?
Can the sole director be the sole shareholder of the company in Singapore?
What is Singapore company’s requirements for reducing Singapore company’s share capital?
Does Singapore company need to notify the increase in the authorized capital?
How can a person transfer ownership of a Singaporean company?
What is the best way to formalize a partnership with potential partners and co-founders?
If I want to start a business with 5-10 employees, how should I structure my business?
Indemnity clause and hold harmless clause
Client Question: Which document should I use for the type of contract a platform like Amazon signs with every product/service provider they promote on their market place?
What is the minimum capital of a company? When should the capital be fully paid up?
Partnership Agreements and Business Collaboration Agreements
Can I link a blog from someone else to my website?
Which jurisdiction should I choose for my website?
I'm an Executive Director, do I need to sign an employment contract?
How does a Convertible Note work?
Do I need a Chinese-Language Trade Mark?
What is a Trade Mark?
What is the difference between Trade Mark Registration and Company Registration?
Important details to know before getting a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).
Should a word and logo be registered together as a single trade mark or separately as individual trade marks?
Can the Subcontractor issue another agreement to us, the main contractor? I'm the current main contractor but my subcontractor is issuing me with another agreement for us to sign with different and new terms?
How do I raise finance through a Convertible Note?
Is it possible to Vest Shares using milestones other than time?
When can I use the symbols TM and R?
How do I reward my team with shares or equity?
How does a Share Vesting Agreement work?
Who should sign a Shareholders' Agreement or a Founders' Agreement?
I am doing an NDA with a not for profit organisation, it is however not a choice in at Zegal app. Does it matter for legal purposes to call a non profit a company?
What should I choose - Share Options or Share Vesting?
What are preferred shares? How do I issue preferred shares?
Why is there a Website Terms of Use and Mobile App Terms of Use?
How do I prevent Clients from directly contacting a Manufacturer I have sourced myself?
How Many Shares Should I Give to My Investors?
What Is the Minimum Capital of a Company? When Should the Capital Be Fully Paid Up?
How do I issue shares?