At a first glance, the Website Terms of Use and Mobile App Terms of Use may seem the same document: they look similar, they both talk about using an online platform. However, they have a different scope. Follow our explanation:

The Website Terms of Use will define:

  • The rules for using the website introducing the services,  its access and its use through the website; and

  • The legal relationship for the website operator and its users.

This document is drafted to be included in the website

The  Mobile App Terms of Use will bring:

  • The terms and conditions for using the App including the definition, conditions of use, availability and system requirements for the App.

  • The legal relationship between the App provider and its users.

  • Also, the application of Website Terms of Use when the App directs the user to the website.

Derived from Website Terms of Use to adapt for mobile app use, this document is drafted to be included in the Mobile App

They have been drafted to address specific needs either in the Website or App, but as you can see, the documents are related.

If you have a website and a mobile app, you could use both documents.

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