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How to start hiring employees in Singapore?
How to start hiring employees in Singapore?
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After setting up a Singapore company, the employers must next hire employees. The hiring of employees is essential to the success of the business because it involves critical decision-making processes. The employers and employees need to abide by the protocol specified in Singapore’s Employment Act. Most employees in Singapore today are well-versed with their rights protected under the country’s laws. Once the employees have been hired, the following must then be considered:

  • What do the company owners need to know about the labor laws and their binding effects upon the owners and the employees?

  • Are the employees to be hired on a full-time, temporary, contract, or part-time basis?

  • Are there any formalities involved in hiring foreign or local employees?

  • What is the restriction on the number of foreign employees that can be employed?

  • What is the cost of hiring an employee?

  • Do the business owners need to pay any Provident Funds or levies?

Employment practices - Find out here about employment rights and conditions under the Employment Act, leave, public holidays, fair employment and schemes for employers and employees.


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