First response: Zegal does carry documents on Mobile Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace and they can be both used for companies like eBay and Carousell who are deal between buyers and sellers without selecting the sellers.

After more discussion with Client: Sometime on the contrary, the client may want very selective in terms of use for their sellers and want to sign a specific contract with each of them before they put them on their market place. 

Solution by Zegal: In such a case there are two ways to proceed. One is to use the document recommended above as the base contract and to amend it up in the document editor then Zegal can find a lawyer for you to finalise it with. Or second just engage a law firm to create it from scratch through our network. Former will arrangement be significantly cheaper and provided the client has way around legal agreements and terms they need to be part of the contract. 

Final Outcome: The client in this case went with our Enterprise plan where you can get access to over 200+ documents along with the lawyer assistance. They will be introduced to one of our law firm partners to guide them through the legal process.

And you will also get the support from the live chat of course.

We're here if you have any questions. Reach out to us at or via live chat. 

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