We do provide a Chinese Document Bundle. The documents available under this bundle are listed below:

  1. 保密協議 - Confidentiality Agreement

  2. 僱傭合約 - Employment Contract

  3. 自由職業合約 - Freelance Agreement

  4. 私隱政策 - Privacy Policy

  5. 軟件服務協議 - SaaS Agreement

  6. 貨品銷售合約 - Sale of Goods Contract

  7. 股東協議 - Shareholders' Agreement

  8. 服務供應合約 - Supply of Services Contract

  9. 網上銷售平台的條款及條件 - Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace

  10. 網上產品銷售的條款及條件 - Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products

  11. 使用條款 - Terms of Use

  12. 網站設計與開發協議 - Website Design and Development Agreement

However, if you are looking for a document that is not listed above then contact us at service@zegal.com or by our app's live chat and we can discuss the possibility of getting an English only document translated for your kind use. 

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