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Where are my documents stored in Zegal platform?
Where are my documents stored in Zegal platform?

You can find your documents in My Documents folder

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All your documents are stored in All Documents. You can find this folder in the left panel.

This action will direct you to the documents section, where you can view all the available documents.

If you are unable to see the documents, please click on the three horizontal lines menu on the top left screen.

Team Documents

To access the team documents, scroll down to the left bottom of the page.

Click on your team's email address to view the documents under their account.

Please note that only the documents in which you are added, are available in the All Documents folder. So, if you can't find a document that your colleague is working on, ask them to add you to the document. Take a quick read through this article to know more about Team documents.

If you are an admin in your organization, you can view all the documents your team members created under Team Documents.

If you have further questions, you can reach out to us at or our live chat.

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