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How Do I Download a Zegal Document?
How Do I Download a Zegal Document?
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You can download the documents generated in the Zegal platform either in PDF or DOCX. The DOCX version is available in our standard and professional plan. Click here to know more about the plans and pricing.

​Step 1: Once you have answered all the questions in the app, click on Preview you can view the overall document.

​Step 2: Then, click on the downward arrow icon on the right side. You can see download in PDF or DOCX.

Please note that the document can only be downloaded in DOCX when the document is in draft state. If the document has been finalized, it can only be downloaded in PDF.

If you would prefer to have a lawyer reviewing, adding, or removing clauses in your document, get in touch with our Client Services Team. We will consult our panel of partners and get back to you with the right match.

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