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Document Management on Cloud Drive Integration
Document Management on Cloud Drive Integration
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All your files in one place!

All Documents: This allows you to see all the document in one place. Further more the documents are divided as per their state they are in under the status categories like In Progress, Signing, Singed, Assigned to you and Contract expiring.

In Progress: This category includes the no-code automation (workflow) & Upload and sign which are in progressing state like draft, approving and others.

Signing: This category includes only the documents in signing status.

Signed: This category includes only the documents where all signers have signed the documents (completed signing step).

Assigned to you: This category includes document where you have been invited to collaborate and perform some actions such as to view, edit, approve, upload an attachment and sign the documents.

Note: Once the document is signed, it moves to signed category.

Contract Expiring: This category includes the documents with added key terms like contract end date, contract start date, descriptions and others. Clicking on the icon in the right side helps you to add key terms of each document.

Local Folders

Add local folders to move important documents to selected folder.

Folders Shared with you: This category includes the folders shared by an individual to an individual or shared within the an organization

Connect Cloud Drives: This category includes the folders that are synced from a cloud drive such as Google Drive and Microsoft Drive.

Team Documents: This category includes team documents i.e. an admin of the organization can view the documents created by the member listed in the organization.

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