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Zegal E-signature/ Ordered Signing/ Cancel Signing on No-Code Automation.
Zegal E-signature/ Ordered Signing/ Cancel Signing on No-Code Automation.
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E-signature on Zegal has never been this easy as it is now more advanced because we support normal to sequential signing process which is simple and can be done easily. Simply just add multiple sign steps and get it started.

Sign the document with multiple parallel signers.
Step 1: Click on Add members icon and fill the details of the signer. Please note that all members (signers) added in a sign step are parallel signers. To add ordered signer, please refer to section below.

Step 2: Click on Start Signing button.

''Make sure all the signers are added before clicking the Start Signing". Once the process starts you will not be able to add or remove signers''.

''The signer will be auto notified via email to sign the document''.

Step 3: Counter-party will open the document clicking the Go To Document button on the email.

Step 4: Counter party will receive a verification code email.

Step 5: Counter party will enter the verification code and clicks Next.

Step 6: Click on Sign button.

Step 7: Add your Signature.

Step 8: Click on Confirm.

Order sign the document with multiple sign steps.

Step 1: Use "Add New Step" icon to add multiple sign steps as per your need. Each sign step creates an order.

Step 2: Click on Start Signing. The 1st sign step gets active in deep navy blue color. The signing process starts. At this point, no changes are allowed to the signers. If any changes are required, please refer to the section below for how to cancel signing.

Step 3: Once the 1st step signer signs the document, 2nd sign step gets active and same signing process continues till the last signing step.

Step 4: Once the last signer signs the document, click on complete workflow button.

And here you are done with signing.

Cancel Signing the document incase you encounter an error or anything goes wrong.

Step 1: Click on Cancel Signing button inside More actions and redo the signing process after the correction.

''Cancel signing button will appear only when signing step is active''.

Please feel free to reach out to us at or via our app's live chat if you have any questions.

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