The following documents are available under Australia Lite plan:

  1. Notice of Meeting of Directors
  2. Notice of Special Meeting of Directors
  3. Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders
  4. Data Processing Addendum
  5. Data Protection Policy (for Employees)
  6. Data Access Request Form
  7. Data Access Request Response Letter
  8. Information Audit Form
  9. Privacy Policy (Australian Privacy Principles)
  10. Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  11. Security Audit Form
  12. Acceptance of Offer
  13. Employee Share Option Plan
  14. Letter for Grant of Option
  15. Option Certificate
  16. Option Exercise Notice
  17. Acceptance of Resignation Letter
  18. Acknowledgement of Application Letter
  19. Acknowledgement of Application Letter (Position filled)
  20. Annual Leave Request Letter
  21. Change of Employment Terms Letter
  22. Consultancy Agreement - Pro-Client
  23. Consultancy Agreement - Pro-Consultant
  24. Director's Appointment Letter
  25. Employee Handbook
  26. Employment Contract (Casual)
  27. Employment Contract (Full-time)
  28. Employment Contract (Part-time)
  29. Grievance Policy and Procedure
  30. Harassment and Bullying Policy
  31. Interview Appointment Letter
  32. Introduction of a New Employee - Replacement of Sales Representative
  33. Job Application Response Letter (No Opening)
  34. Leave of Absence (Medical Reasons)
  35. Letter to an Employee Informing of an Increase in Pay
  36. Offer of Employment Letter (Binding)
  37. Offer of Employment Letter (Non-binding)
  38. Offer of Employment Letter (Simplified)
  39. Post-interview Letter (Negative due choice of field)
  40. Post-interview Letter (Negative Response)
  41. Promotion Announcement
  42. Promotion Letter
  43. Recommendation Letter
  44. Redundancy Notice
  45. Rejection Letter (Internal Employee)
  46. Resignation Letter
  47. Resignation Letter (2 Weeks' Notice)
  48. Resignation Letter (4 Weeks' Notice)
  49. Resignation Letter (Better Opportunity)
  50. Resignation Letter (Detailed)
  51. Resignation Letter (Shorter Version)
  52. Termination Letter (Notice period)
  53. Termination Letter (Payment in lieu)
  54. Termination Letter (Poor performance)
  55. Welcome Letter to New Employee on First Day
  56. Ordinary Shares Investment Term Sheet
  57. Preference Shares Investment Term Sheet
  58. Share Vesting Agreement
  59. Shareholders' Agreement
  60. Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)
  61. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
  62. Consent for Using Consent Letter
  63. Moral Rights Consent
  64. Acceptable Use Policy
  65. Letter to Website Designer for Quotation
  66. Letter of Quotation from Website Designer to Client
  67. Privacy Policy (Australian Privacy Principles)
  68. Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  69. SaaS Agreement
  70. Software Development Agreement
  71. Terms of Use
  72. Agreement on Repayment Schedule
  73. Apology for Late Payment Letter
  74. Grant of Request for Extension of Time
  75. Letter Accepting Payments in Instalments
  76. Letter Giving Notice of Dishonour of a Cheque
  77. Letter of Demand (Final Reminder)
  78. Letter of Demand (Friendly Reminder)
  79. Letter of Demand (Second Reminder)
  80. Letter to Supplier Requesting Credit Terms
  81. Letter to Customer Agreeing Credit Terms
  82. Letter to Customer Rejecting Credit Terms
  83. Letter to Instruct Lawyers/Solicitors for Outstanding Invoices
  84. Letter to Creditor Negotiating for Reduction of Amount Outstanding
  85. Notice of Overdue Payment
  86. Notice of Payment 60 Days Overdue
  87. Settlement Offer on Disputed Amount
  88. Business Collaboration Agreement
  89. Business Referral Agreement
  90. Cease and Desist Notice
  91. Confidentiality Agreement / NDA (Mutual)
  92. Confidentiality Deed / NDA (Pro-Discloser)
  93. Confidentiality Deed / NDA (Pro-Receiver)
  94. Contract Addendum
  95. Distribution Agreement (Pro-Distributor)
  96. Distribution Agreement (Pro-Supplier)
  97. Event Service Agreement (Pro-Client)
  98. Event Service Agreement (Pro-Service Provider)
  99. Freelance Agreement (Pro-Client)
  100. Freelance Agreement (Pro-Freelancer)
  101. Letter Ending a Contract
  102. Mutual Termination of Contract Letter
  103. Information Audit Form
  104. Confidentiality Agreement / NDA (Mutual)
  105. Employment Contract (Casual)
  106. Offer of Employment Letter (Simplified)
  107. Privacy Policy (Australian Privacy Principles)

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