The HR Bundle is a suite of documents that covers the 7 stages of Human Resources: Recruitment, Offer, On boarding, Workplace Policies, Payroll, Employee Relations, and Moving On.

The below documents are available under the HR Bundle:

  1. Acceptance of Resignation Letter
  2. Acknowledgment of Application (Position filled)
  3. Acknowledgment of Application Letter
  4. Annual Leave Request Letter
  5. Anti-bullying Policy
  6. Anti-corruption Policy
  7. Change of Employment Terms Letter
  8. Complaint Form
  9. Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  10. Employee Handbook
  11. Equal Opportunities and Anti-harassment Policy
  12. General Appeals Form
  13. Grievance Appeals Form
  14. Grievance Procedure
  15. Grievance Resolution (or Settlement) Letter
  16. Interview Appointment Letter
  17. Introduction of a New Employee - Replacement of Sales Representative
  18. Job Application Response Letter (No Opening)
  19. Leave of Absence (Medical Reasons)
  20. Letter to an Employee Informing of an Increase in Pay
  21. Maternity Leave Notification
  22. Paternity Leave Notification
  23. Personal Information Collection Statement (Commencement of Employment)
  24. Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)
  25. Personal Information Collection Statement (Upon Offer)
  26. Policy on Use of Copyrighted Material
  27. Post-interview Letter (Negative due choice of field)
  28. Post-interview Letter (Negative Response)
  29. Promotion Announcement
  30. Promotion Letter
  31. Redundancy Notice
  32. Rejection Letter (Internal Employee)
  33. Resignation Letter
  34. Resignation Letter (4 Weeks' Notice)
  35. Resignation Letter (Better Opportunity)
  36. Resignation Letter (Shorter Version)
  37. Sick Leave Policy
  38. Welcome Letter to New Employee on First Day

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