In your Zegal account, your organisation name is the legal name of your business, whether it's a company, partnership, or another entity. In the case of a company or a partnership, this name usually contains a legal term such as "Limited." The legal term may vary from one jurisdiction to the other.

This organisation name will be displayed automatically in your documents. Therefore it is essential to make sure that it is accurate and it contains the correct legal terms. 

Note: You are only permitted to change your organisation name if you have made a typing error or spelling mistake, you cannot change it to another organisation name. If you need Zegal for another company, you can purchase an additional organisation. 

How to change your organisation name

Please email your updated company name to or message us using the live chat in order to change your organisation name(you can not change the organisation name from your side). The change will be effective after a few minutes and will be displayed on the new documents created.

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