With ZegalSign,our totally free cloud e-signing tool, you can sign any of your legal documents in just a few clicks.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how you and your counterparty can sign an NDA in under a minute.

From anywhere in the app, click on the ZegalSign tab.

Give the document you are signing a name so that you can easily find it later.

Select the file you are signing from your device and upload. 

You will automatically be added as a signer. Add any other signers you need from the dropdown.

And now just drag and drop the names and any signing information you need right into the document.

Click sign and invite the other signers! 

That’s’ it!.You can find your signed copy in the My Documents section of the App and you’ll be notified here too when everybody has signed.

Check out our learning centre for more videos, help and guidance!

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