With Zegal’s powerful document editing tools, you can create entirely bespoke legal agreements for your business.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use the Zegal Document Editor to fine tune the agreements you create on Zegal.

This is the Zegal screen you will see once you have completed the document builder questionnaire. You have the choice of revising your answers to questions, going straight to e-signing, or using the editor to make changes directly in your document. 

Select Use Text Editor and this will open up a familiar editing environment. 

You can make changes to formatting and style.  

Correct any errors you notice.

And add entirely new clauses with numbering and cross referencing taken care of automatically by Zegal.

Check everything is ready for signing and save your work. 

The Zegal Document Editor is available on our Professional Plan and you can upgrade right from the app.

Check out our learning centre for more videos, help and guidance!

Document editing is available on the Zegal Professional Plan which includes more than 200 legal document templates.

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