The Zegal Basic Plan lets you use all of Zegal's awesome functionality for free for as long as you need. 

We've included five legal templates for free to get you started. In this tutorial we're going to quickly create an NDA.

Select the Basic Plan from the template categories list, and then the NDA template. This takes you to the NDA landing page. Give your project a name, and if you need to know more about how an NDA works you'll find that information here. All documents on Zegal can be e-signed. Add the signers details here. They won't be notified or see the document until you invite them later. Now we're asked a few questions about the contract parties, and why we need the NDA. And that's it we're done.

In the Document Editing tutorial we will show you how to edit documents in Zegal but for now we are going to e-sign our NDA. One click invites the other party to sign. They'll receive an email and a secure link to a copy of the NDA for signing. We can sign immediately.

And there we have our first document created on Zegal in under a minute!

Check out our learning centre for more videos, help and guidance!

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