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Send us a message through our website or app, or call us directly:

  • Hong Kong +852 5804 9889
  • Singapore +65 6589 8923
  • Australia +61 2 9191 9738
  • New Zealand +64 9951 5840
  • England & Wales +44 20 3393 3885

Introductory Call

Our sales representative will arrange a 15-minutes Introductory Call between you and the law firm, 100% free to you. During the Introductory Call, a lawyer from the law firm will:

  • introduce themselves
  • understand your business and any issues you’re facing
  • point you to documents that you should create on the Zegal app
  • explain how they will be able to support you through the Lawyer Live Chat

KYC/conflict checks

Before the Introductory Call, we will ask you to confirm these details so your dedicated law firm can run routine Know-Your-Client (KYC) and conflict checks:

  • Your full name
  • Your company’s name
  • Whether you are a director of the company
  • If you’re not a director, then the name and email address of the director

Engagement letter

If you are ready to subscribe to the Premium plan, just inform our sales representative. You should then receive an engagement letter from the law firm, for your signing on the Zegal app. The engagement letter must be signed by a director or authorised signatory of your organisation.

The purpose of the engagement letter is to make you a direct client of the law firm in addition to being a Zegal customer. The law firm is legally required to obtain a signed engagement letter from you before they can start providing legal support to you. This is to protect you as a client - to ensure that you are fully informed of the law firm’s scope of legal service and how you may be charged.

Don’t worry - you won’t be asked to pay anything extra by signing this letter - it will simply repeat what you know, i.e. you will be paying a subscription fee for the Premium plan through Zegal’s app which already includes the fee payable to the law firm.


You’re almost there! After signing the engagement letter, you should either:

  • Click on a payment link if you’ve received it from our sales representative, which will take you to a checkout page for you to enter your credit card details; or
  • Log into your Zegal account, click “Upgrade”, select the Premium plan, and be taken to the checkout page.

Please note that the Premium plan is a 12-months subscription. For details please check our Payment Terms.

Getting on the way to working

When you log into your Zegal app account, you should see a welcome message from the law firm. Reply to that message to start your first Lawyer Live Chat conversation! Whenever you wish to use the Lawyer Live Chat, simply log into your Zegal account and open the chat box in the bottom right corner.

At the same time, your Relationship Manager from Zegal will get in touch with you, to get you started with the Zegal journey. To find out how you can get the most out of your Zegal subscription with the help of your Relationship Manager, read this: Customer Success with Zegal.

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