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How does the Lawyer Live Chat work?
How does the Lawyer Live Chat work?
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When is the Premium Live Chat available?

A representative of your law firm will be available on the Lawyer Live Chat at all times when the law firm is open for business. The representative will pass your inquiry to the lawyer within the law firm who would be able to best handle your matter.

How do I communicate with the Premium Lawyer?

Whenever you wish to communicate with a law firm, log in to your Zegal app to access the Lawyer Live Chat. You may start a live chat conversation or continue an existing one. You will find that live chat feels like a cross between using ordinary email and instant messaging. You can, for example, share files, write in formatted paragraphs, and refer to Zegal documents that you are working on. You should actively avoid email or other means of communication, so that all messages can be stored in one place, and are attended to by the law firm.

How quickly will the law firm respond?

According to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) that all our law firm partners agree to, law firms are expected to respond immediately on the Lawyer Live Chat. At Zegal we train law firms to make sure they know how to use the Lawyer Live Chat to communicate with you. We also monitor their performance based on a number of factors including how responsive they are. If your law firm is not responsive, let us know and we will look into it immediately.

Who will I be talking to on the Lawyer Live Chat?

Your first point of contact on the Lawyer Live Chat will be a lawyer or a legally trained staff member of the law firm, depending on the law firm you choose. As different lawyers in the team specialise in different areas of law, your message may sometimes be reassigned to another lawyer in the team who is best qualified to handle your matter. For details of your first point of contact, your team of lawyers, their years of experience and the law firm’s practice areas, please contact our support team via LiveChat or email.

What kind of questions can I ask in the Lawyer Live Chat?

Anything really - your law firm will give you as much legal guidance as they could over the Lawyer Live Chat, so long as they are not required to review, amend or draft any documents. The range of questions can be very wide.

A good example would be questions about your legal rights and obligations that may directly impact any business actions you plan to take. Whether it’s about starting up, raising funds, hiring, building a product or service, working with third parties, or expanding your business to a new market, make sure you know your legal options and the risks involved by asking your lawyer on the Lawyer Live Chat.


  • Do I have to pay an intern if they are only working two days per week? If so, how much?

  • I plan to fire an employee, what must I be aware of before I do so?

  • What should we be mindful of legally if our business accepts online transactions from overseas?

  • What should be our legal considerations for expanding our business to China? Do we have to set up a subsidiary company? Will there be legal consequences for publishing censored content?

(b) Questions about which Zegal document to use, or what certain clauses mean within a Zegal document.

Each legal document is designed for a specific purpose - you must get it right for your business to be fully compliant and protected. If you’re not sure which Zegal documents to use, or have difficulty understanding the content of the documents, don’t hesitate to ask your lawyers through the Lawyer Live Chat.


  • Which document should I use if I am setting up an e-commerce platform?

  • Which document should I use if I want to treat the investment as a loan, as opposed to an equity giveaway?

  • What does a “drag-along” clause do in the Shareholders’ Agreement?

  • What should I be aware of when I use these documents?

  • What does this indemnity clause mean to my business?

Please feel free to reach out to us at or via our apps live chat if you need any help.

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