So, is it time for the counter-party to sign the document? Just follow the following easy steps:

1. Receiving an e-signing invitation. The counterparty will receive an email from with the following object: "You've been invited to sign a document on Zegal".

Once opened, the counterparty will need to click on "View and Sign".

Please note that this email can sometimes be in the spam folder.

As a result, a second email will be sent from to the counterparty with the object "Zegal verification code". This email contains a code allowing the counterparty to access the document.

The counterparty will input the code and click on "Next" to unlock the document.

3. After the 'Next' button is clicked, the app takes to the document.

4. The counterparty is to sign and confirm the signature.

5. Once everyone in the document signs, the document can be downloaded in .PDF.

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