A workflow will contain a series of steps to be completed. One of those steps can be the creation and signing of a document. This is called a document step

Set up your document

Step 1: You can edit the name of the document by clicking on the pen icon at the top.

Step 2: Read through the document description.

Step 3: You can add team members by clicking on Add.
Make sure to turn on the Approver/Signer button otherwise the party won't be able to approve/sign the document. Click on Create after you are done with this step.

If you'd like to remove a member, you can click on the delete(X) icon on the left.

Step 4: Identify the signatories.
You can click on the signer button to add signatories. Signatories will be requested to e-sign the document.

Step 5: Identify the approvers.
You can click on the thumbs up icon to add approvers. Approvers will be requested to approve the document before signing.

Build your document

Step 1: Click on Create document once you're ready.

Step 2: Answer the document builder questions. Once you have filled in the answers, click on next ( -> ) icon to save your answers and go on the next question. 

Step 3: Once you have answered all the questions, click on Review document.

Customize the signing blocks

Step 1: Select the alignment of the signing block.
You can select how you would prefer the signature to be aligned: one column left align, two columns by party, or one column right align. Once you've made that change, it will automatically reflect in the document after the page has been refreshed.

Step 2: Select the information that will be displayed in the signing blocks.
You can select whether the signing block will display the time and date. Once you've checked the box, the changes will reflect on the page once the page has been refreshed.

Note: The signer button has to be turned on in order to do this process

Submit the document for approval

Step 1: Send the documents out for approval. Click on Submit for approval.
You can select the option to Automatically send the document out for signing after it has been approved.

Step 2: Approve or require changes. Approvers have the option to select Approve or Changes required.

Note: The approver button has to be turned on in order to do this process

Step 3: Leave comments.
Approvers can leave comments on the editable sections of the documents. Those sections are the ones highlighted in grey.

Note: If you have selected "Changes required", you have to leave comments before submitting your decision.

Step 4: Submit your decision.
The document will only progress to the next step once all approvers have approved the document.

E-signing the document

Click on Begin signing process and Sign. You will have the option to draw a signature or upload your signature. Once you have added the signature, click on Use to e-sign the document. Click here to know more about E-signing a document.

Download the document

You have the option to download the document in .pdf or .docx format. Click on the format you prefer to start downloading the document.
Note: The document can only be downloaded in .pdf format once it has been finalized. Click here to know more about how to download a document.

Proceed to the next step. Once the document has been approved and signed, you can move on to the next step of your workflow. Click on Next Step.

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